Team Denmark

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Fie Lindegaard Fokdal

Age: 16
My name is Fie Lindegaard Fokdal, and I am 16 years old. I live in Svendborg with my parents and my sister. After a typical school day, I go home and ride my two horses - A 15-year-old Paint Horse Gelding and a 5-year-old Quarter Horse. I have always liked animals, especially horses. 

I am looking forward to the show at the Youth World Cup and seeing some good equipment. My favorite discipline is reining. 

Melanie Toft Gerdes-Hansen

Age: 14
My name is Melanie Toft Gerdes-Hansen. I am 14 years old and live in Tuse, Denmark. My parents are horse trainers, so I was born into the sport and have been riding my whole life. Now I have two Quarter Horses. My favorite disciplines are Reining, Trail, and Ranch Riding. 

At the Youth World Cup, I look forward to learning a lot about other youth riders who share my passion. Also, I am looking forward to the show, the competition, and riding some fantastic horses. 

Lotte Vølund Hennings

Age: 13
My name is Lotte Vølund Hennings. I am 13 years old and live in Northern Seeland, Denmark. I grew up with western riding and quarter horses and first started riding when I was four. We have two Quarter Horse geldings at home. My favorite disciplines are Ranch Riding, Showmanship, hunter, and trail. 

At the Youth World Cup, I am looking forward to getting to know a lot of new people with the same interests and riding horses. 

Oskar Krog

Age: 14
My Name is Oskar Krog. I am 14 years old and live in Silkeborg, Denmark. I have always liked animals. Once, I saw a movie on Netflix about horses and thought I would like to try riding - and I convinced my parents to start about three years ago. 

Back then, I did not know there was something called Western, but after my first try, I fell in love with the sport. After half a year after I started riding, I got my horse - an 11-year-old quarter mare. My favorite discipline is Reining. 

At the Youth World Cup, I look forward to experiencing the fellowship, representing Denmark, and getting a memory for life.   


The American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup is an educational, leadership, and competition-based event for AQHA youth members from around the world.
Brazos County Expo Complex
5827 Leonard Rd
Bryan, TX 77807

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